Visual Note-taking Basics

Do you like taking notes? Whether during lectures, trainings or conferences, we equip ourselves with a notebook and a pen to capture what we are about to hear. Chances are, our notebooks are filled with lines to write every word that we receive from the speaker or trainer. But what if we have notebooks without lines? What if we only capture those words and phrases that resonate with us? What if we add visuals to help us remember more easily and to learn visually? No doubt, it will be creative and enjoyable. Notes become more interesting and more appealing. It will always be a joy to look back at your visual notes. Sharing your notes with others will be more fun too.

To gain practical knowledge about visual note-taking

WHAT is visual note-taking?
WHY use visuals in note-taking?
WHO can be visuals note-takers?
HOW to use visuals in note-taking?

At the end of the workshop, participants will gain confidence in using visuals in their note-taking and are ready to take the next step to become a group visual note-takers.

Your Trainer:
Elaine Vitikainen, Organisational Development Consultant and Visual Facilitator