The facilitator in you

Facilitation is a skill which is very important at the workplace. Nowadays more than ever, facilitation is a sought after ability to help organisations move toward their vision. So what is facilitation and how can I be good at it? How can I bring my best self to the facilitation role?

Many assume that facilitation is all about the confidence to stand in front of people. They see facilitation skill as a competence intended for the extroverts. They think that it is all about getting people’s attention. Facilitation is more than that. In fact, these are not important qualities at all. Facilitation is being able to take a group of individuals from where they are now to a place where they can strive and where they can combine their individual abilities to develop healthier organisations. How people perceive good facilitation is also affected by many cultural factors. How can we facilitate in a culturally appropriate way? 


To find your identity as a facilitator


WHAT are the important elements of facilitation?
WHY is facilitation a crucial skill? WHY do I need this skill?
WHO is a facilitator? WHO am I as a facilitator? 
HOW can I bring my best self to the facilitation role? 
WHEN am I ready?

In addition, HOW can I make facilitation more aesthetically appealing?

By learning how to use symbols; how to improve handwriting; how to design titles and accentuations; and how to structure content by using colours and other helpful tools, facilitation will be more interesting and the discussions are easier to remember.


At the end of the workshop, participants will gain confidence in their role as facilitators and will continue to strive to become better facilitators. 

Your Trainer:

Elaine Vitikainen, Organisational Development Consultant and Visual Facilitator