I am Elaine Vitikainen. I am an Organisational Development consultant and Visual facilitator based in Helsinki, Finland. I have over 15 years experience in organisational development and leadership based in Cambodia and Laos, and have provided consultancy support in strengthening organisations across Asia which includes countries such as Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

I have a Masters degree in Communication for Development from Malmö University, Sweden and a certificate in Applied Linguistics specialised in Multi-lingual Education from Dallas International University, USA. I have taken multiple courses in organisational analysis and development; human resource management; strategic planning and decision making; advisory skills; monitoring, evaluation and learning; participatory research; management of Non-Profit Organisations; and group and strategic planning facilitation.

My many years of experience in different context has provided me with extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of organisational development processes and good practice. I have conducted multiple organisational assessments and supported the capacity of national and sub-national non-governmental organisations in their organisational and leadership development. I have conducted workshops and follow-ups in organisational development; proposal writing, project development, project management; strategic planning; project planning; monitoring, evaluation and learning; consultancy, etc. which were tailored to support the needs and context of each organisations involved. With my experience in organisational leadership, I had direct experience in coaching and mentoring my national colleagues.

Some of the relevant evaluation experience includes:

  • Organisational analysis of an INGO in Cambodia on organisational vision and identity; strategy; administration; and partnership
  • Organisational analysis of an INGO in Indonesia on organisational strategy and structure; and human resources
  • Organisational analysis of a national NGO in Pakistan on organisational vision; strategy; and in identifying gaps in the current systems, processes, competencies and resources
  • Organisational analysis of a national NGO in Thailand to acquire a foundational knowledge on the current organisational development to plan for future development particularly in the development of human resources
  • Programme Outcome and Impact Evaluation of an INGO in Cambodia including identification of changes and results achieved both in quantity and quality, and gender- impact; efficiency of the current Monitoring and Evaluation system; efficiency of strategies in relation to the vision and to cost-effectiveness; and to evaluate the long-term sustainability
  • Programme Evaluation of a Swedish NGO to assess the current systems in place for managing its Regional Programmes for Anti Human Trafficking and Child Rights; and to assess its added value to the partnerships and projects with NGOs in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, India and Bangladesh

As a Visual Facilitator, I utilise the practical and the effective use of visuals in facilitation process. I also place organisational communication in visual context.

Some of the organisations I’ve worked with: