Consultancy Services

I focus on organisational strengthening of organisations through facilitative process:

  • to provide support on organisational development and systematic approach to solve the gaps in achieving the vision through specialised systems and structures designed to strengthen administrative self reliance
  • to conduct organisational health and growth priorities assessment
  • to conduct programme and project assessment
  • to conduct workshops on strategic planning and implementation, organisational development and leadership development, consultancy, partnership, board governance and facilitation
  • to provide guidance for workshop and group participants to explore, to learn, to decide, to plan, to act and to reflect, enabling maximum input and creativity
  • to conduct creative facilitation with visuals
  • to support organisational communication processes, also through visualisation

Additional skills include:

  • Sketch-noting and creating explainer videos
  • Visual recording
  • Writing (Author at and;
  • Photography (Instagram@elaine_vitikainen)
  • Illustration and hand-lettering (Instagram@ev_facilitation_and_visuals)
  • Languages – Filipino (Tagalog and Bisaya), English, Finnish, Khmer, Spanish