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For the love of (your own) font

After drawing your letters like you mean it, it’s time to create your own font. Creating your own font is a quick and easy process once you know what works for you. I’ve been trying to create my fonts for some years now. But I’ve never really been very happy with them once they were generated. Nevertheless, I kept on going. Forming every letter has a very calming effect on me. All my illustrations are, in fact, handwritten. But guess what? Font creation is never as easy with the iFontMaker App. I basically created a set of font in less than 15 minutes which I made available here called My Handwriting. More to come! So have fun and start creating. If you have any questions about my process in making my fonts or how to use iFontMaker, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Please post the fonts you’ve created too. It will inspire many!